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Financial Management Courses in Botswana

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2KO Botswana's courses in Financial Management will assist you with understanding the process of financial management as well as teach you varied strategies to manage financials in the modern world. 2KO Africa offers IT consulting, technical IT services and top-of-the-range IT training on multiple platforms. Our best-of-breed computer courses are presented as instructor led classes or as online internet-based elearning, to ensure students have access to the best Financial Management training anywhere in Botswana, and even the world.


Financial Management (2 Weeks full time)

Course overview
Business is constantly facing new challenges, the line between black and red is thinly drawn. New realities appear at warp speed, creating a need for more attention to financial decision. This course is designed to allow you to analyse your financial position and make it better. The course will supply you with comprehensive introduction to financial accounting, management accounting and core elements of financial management. Participants will be able to examine the basic principles and underlying concepts, and ways in which accounting statements and financial information can be used to improve the quality of management decision making.


Course Objectives
Analyse and Interpret financial statements.
Make sound financial decisions.
Understand the importance of bottom line in organisations.
Understand appraisals of different investment opportunities open to them.
Maximise the usefulness of financial information.
Understand financial planning and control in order to improve organisational performance

The Finance Function in an Organisation
Role of Finance in Decision Making Process.
Financial Planning.
Acquisition and Allocation of Financial Resources.

Understanding Financial Reporting
Measuring and Reporting Financial Position.
Cash Flow Analysis.
Analysis of Financial Statements (Ratio Analysis).
Auditing Principles.

Management Accounting and Decision Making
Understanding Cost Concepts.
Cost Classification and Control.
Break-Even Analysis/Cost - Volume-Profit Analysis.
Budgeting and Budgetary Control.
Capital vs. Resource Budgeting.
Understanding Taxation.

Financial Management
Investment Appraisal Techniques.
Time value of money.
Cost of capital structure.
Sources of Finance and Financial Markets.
Management of working capital.
Role of stock exchange and analysing its performance.
Investment in stock exchange.
Forex market.
Divided Policy (Relevance and Irrelevance School).
Capital Structuring.

Computer Skills needed for the course
Pastel Accounting
Microsoft Excel

Included in your course fees

Professional fees for the design of the programme
Professional fees for the delivery of the programme
Teaching materials and consumables
Travel & accommodation for faculty
Venue, equipment hire
Snacks and refreshments
Airport Pick Up and Drop Off
Basic Computer familiarisation training

How to enrol for the course
Before enrolling for a course you should have the following information ready:
Date you wish to attend the course
Payment method - how you will be paying
An understanding of the costs of the total package

Course Duration
2 Weeks