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Critical Thinking Courses in Botswana


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Demonstrate clearer and more effective thinking in business.


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Feeling overwhelmed? What if you could learn a process for thinking to make better decisions and create better solutions? Learn hands-on techniques to generate breakthrough ideas and solve your most pressing problems. In this course, you'll discover how to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions, and see others' viewpoints with clarity.

You'll learn how to
Translate abstract ideas into tangible results
Evaluate ideas objectively
Solve problems more effectively
Make dramatically better decisions


What will be Covered:
Recognizing the Value of Using Critical Thinking in Business
Defining critical thinking
Characteristics of effective critical thinkers
The role of critical thinking in meeting business challenges


A Critical Thinking Process
Using a framework to relate critical thinking to business challenges
Describing critical thinking using the RED (Recognize assumptions, Evaluate arguments, Draw conclusions) Model
Positioning the RED Model within a critical thinking framework


Obtaining Feedback on Your Critical Thinking Skills
Recognizing the value of gaining insight into one's critical thinking skills
Relating critical thinking skills to other business skills
Uses for the "My Thinking Styles" assessment
"My Thinking Styles" Development Report
Your personal "Thinking Styles" Development Report


A Context for Critical Thinking
Identifying personal situations where critical thinking has been and could be used
Selecting techniques for using critical thinking skills and the RED model
Relating insight from your "Thinking Styles" report and feedback to a personal critical thinking situation


Applying Critical Thinking Tools and Skills in Business Situations
Practicing using critical thinking skills and techniques in a real business situation
Initial action plan for development of critical thinking skills


How You Will Benefit
Explore real-world examples of why critical thinking is so important in business
Learn to use critical thinking skills when making business decisions
Choose the right techniques to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions
Discover 7 ways to spot a weak argument
Know how to translate an abstract idea into something tangible
Identify 8 barriers to effective critical thinking
Minimize the impact of job pressures on your thinking processes
React with curiosity instead of emotion
Get a roadmap for developing your critical thinking skills